#PridePass is an initiative to connect LGBTQ talent with companies who are looking to hire the best employees based on talent without discrimination.

It also serves to highlight the importance of creating an inclusive work environment and to give everyone a fair chance of a better career.

#PridePass is a collaboration between ManpowerGroup ( and VMLY&R (, a global marketing agency who conceptualised, designed and launched the movement. The website and technical development were done by CO8XIS (

Welcome! Simply search for the role, company or job you’re interested in using the search field or visit the “job openings” in the menu. Click on any of the jobs that interest you and you will be led to the official job posting site to understand more or apply.

We need your support! Simply join the cause by tagging #PridePass to your job listings on any site, including LinkedIn, JobStreet, Monster and more. The #PridePass website will detect your listing and highlight it here. Please do download the media kit to spread the message too, in your organisation and within your social network.

#PridePass is absolutely free because everyone deserves to find the best job in the world.

Definitely. Help us spread the word and help others find jobs with inclusive companies through #PridePass.

Not unless you’ve requested that we contact you via the Contact Us form. When you submit a job application on a destination job platform, that data is shared only with that specific job site. Neither PridePass nor its affiliates capture the job application or related data from the PridePass platform.